Air France 447: Crew Error ?

Folks, This is what I got from the latest headlines. God Forbid this was an issue with the crew.

Air France, investigators rebut reports blaming Flight 447 crew France’s air accident investigation agency and Air France Tuesday tried to tamp down reports that initial data from recorders from a crashed Airbus A330 point to crew error, rather than an aircraft malfunction.

France’s Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses reported Monday that investigators were able to download data over the weekend from the flight recorders from Air France Flight 447. Later in the day, France’s Le Figaro quoted unnamed sources saying the first evidence from the recorders pointed to crew error.
“Sensationalist publication of non-validated information, whilst the analysis of the data from the flight recorders has only just started, is a violation of the respect due to the passengers and the crew members that died and disturbs the families of the victims, who have already suffered as a result of many hyped-up stories,” the BEA said in a statement responding to that story.

“Collection of all of the information from the audio recordings and from the flight parameters now gives us a high degree of certainty that everything will be brought to light concerning this accident,” the agency said, adding: “At this stage of the investigation, no conclusions can be drawn.”

Other outlets pointed to an Airbus information telex Monday saying the recorders did not point to a need for any immediate recommendation to aircraft operators.

Responding to this, Airbus issued a statement Tuesday affirming that the BEA-approved telex “does not include any safety recommendation at this stage of the investigation,” but adding: “Airbus strongly disagrees with any form of speculation in the scope of the safety investigation and deplores all inappropriate communication concerning such a serious event that should be handled with professionalism and dignity.”

At this stage of the investigation, no conclusions can be drawn.


Joe: Please pray for the loved ones who suffered on this plane and for their families who is going through a lot. God bless those families abundantly and provide them with the strength they need to overcome this

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